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1. Seller Bio

I”m an experienced programmer and technical lead.

I built https://www.***.io off the back of https://www.*** – a furniture eCommerce site I founded – after failing to find an advertising agency who could build a profitable adwords campaign.

The initial prototype of AdStart was so successful – it managed to automatically create a profitable campaign with quality scores reaching 9/10 just by importing data on https://www.*** and some configuration – I decided to generalise the tool to a SaaS solution.

2. Overview

Takes data from a website – either by hooking into their API, uploading a product / category spreadsheet or scraping the website using special tags – and uses this data create highly targeted, engaging ads and keywords for each combination of product and category.

It does this using the following core features:

Ad Extract: https://www.***.io/extract

Uses three mechanisms to pull data from a website to use – API, upload spreadsheet. Or scraping the website using special tags (still a work in progress). The user doesn’t have to use this feature – they can build the keyword lists manually – but the option is available.

Ad Craft: https://www.***.io/craft

When the keyword lists / website data is available, this data is turned into ads using a template where you reference each keyword with {tags} along will other data that may be relevant to the ad, such as {min_price} of a product in a category, the {product_count} of each product/service within a category and the {product_url} so you can deep link into the website. You can also configure Ad Extensions using the data within the website

Ad Push: https://www.***.io/push

Push ad campaigns to google in a single click. I’d consider dropping this feature – in reality it takes too long to push changes to Google through their API and the bulk import via a spreadsheet is much more efficient.

3. Highlights

Before I built this we used https://www.***.com/ create and manage our AdWords campaign at a cost of £1,000 p/m. It wasn’t profitable and just felt like they were repeating a lot of the data on the site.

The initial prototype created an entire campaign for *** which was immediately profitable. I’m no AdWords expert so I just left it alone, but because each advert is so highly targeted, the CPC is very low so it was able to run for a year without any management and was still profitable.

As sites grow in size and complexity managing a campaign effectively requires some form of automation and this plugs that gap as it was developed alongside an existing business.

4. Operations

The operation has been lying dormant for about the last 6 months. After getting the site live I built a campaign for a paying client to test out the software. I didn’t manage the campaigns so I can’t comment on the success of them, but the build for one of the clients generated over 20,000 unique ads (I can find the build spreadsheets on request) for every category combination in their store (https://www.***.com). I never launched as a SaaS product because my attentions focused on https://***.com and I didn’t have the time and I’m now fully committed to that so am selling.

5. Customers

This software excels for in large, dynamically driven websites with lots of categories / filters, especially if you

The software could be used by an agency, freelancer or white-labelled out as a SaaS.

6. Financials

It generated 1500 USD from a campaign build which took less than a day to complete, but no recurring revenue as it never launched as a SasS.

7. Seller Notes

I’d say this software would suit an agency or freelancer or someone who has the time or resources to build it into a SaaS. I’d also be open to discussing tweaking the software to requirements.

I did conduct some basic market research from freelancers to validate the idea and the results can be viewed upon request.

8. Tech Stack

Backend: Heroku, Django, DjangoORM, Postgres

Frontend: JQuery, Bootstrap




United Kingdom
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