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For Sale Very Small Irritating Pony


  • For Sale Very Small Irritating Pony
  • For Sale Very Small Irritating Pony
  • For Sale Very Small Irritating Pony
Price : £450.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : 21st June 2018
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : Newport-on-Tay, Fife, UK

Looks cute in the picture eh? I bet you are wondering why I didn’t post a picture without the rug on? Well I couldn’t catch the little git so had to go with what I had.

What can I say about Clyde………… On the plus side he is very small, infact I don’t think I have seen a smaller one- he is about the size of a large sheep or in horse terms 30 inches. Furthermore on the plus side…………. no sorry that is it- he is small.

But is he loveable I hear you ask? No he is not- he is………… peculiar. For example, he does not neigh like a horse, instead preferring to ‘sqeaul’ like a pig, he is sometimes easy to catch, sometimes impossible pending on how abnoxious he is feeling on the day. This can vary between days where he is out in a gale of wind and rain with no rug on and wont come in to sunny days. He does lead well, I will say that- he trots along after you like a little lamb (assuming you can catch him) but dont make the mistake I did and let him follow you to the barn- as soon as he sees the open road he is off like a shot and LOVES trampling the neighbours gardens, not just immediate neighbours either.

What else can I say about Clyde? He is greedy, he tries occassionaly to bite and kick although i dont know if he means that or not as I have always been quick enough to get out of its way. It has ‘mad eyes’ and does not like me (kind of lost the loving bond we had when I sat on it while the vet cut of its knackers).

Would he be suitable for my little 4 year old to ride at pony club? Well, I guess you have already guessed the answer to that one. Apart from the fact your little cherubs feet will be trailing the ground as its so small, and while it would actually let you do that on the lead rope I think, due to its mercurial personality defects I personally would not recommend it. How is he to Shoe, clip, saddle, hack I hear you ask? Absolutely useless- his feet are really good which is just as well as when the vet tried to trim them it literally started climbing the walls to get away (and gave a few piggy squeal’s for good measure ).

But why are you selling him? Well I was going to move to Australia to get away from him but decided that it would be easier to get rid of him on some poor unsuspecting sucker although I have to do that before my daughter gets back from holiday as for some inexplicable reason she loves the little runt. She can even catch it (now and then) and it was her that managed to get the rug on (bit of a miracle really).

So how much do you want for him? £450. And can I bring him back if he is not suitable? Absolutely not – I can tell you now he is not suitable so dont waste your money would be my advice 🙂 



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