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PROPERTY To Swap Flat 2 Bedroom

ground floor 2 bedroom house swap

    Type : Exchange
    Date : 24th August 2018
    Condition : Used
    Warranty : No
    Location : Falkirk, UK

    I have a ground floor 2 bedroom flat in victoria road owned by link housing good size flat was all newly decorated a year ago theres private parking out the back its a massive car park plenty of space there is also a communal driying area which is never full great wee close very quiet neighbours are all really nice and keep them selfs to thereselfs 2 minute walk to the retail park its a great location only reason i want to move is i now have a wee boy and would love a wee garden for him would considor a 2 bedroom house with garden or a 4 in a block with own front and back door and garden would not move to boness brightons maddiston sheildhill or any area up near there or denny bonnybridge want to stay central to falkirk area



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