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JOBS Financial Services Courses

Instructor led – Training Course Learn how to make Money on the Stock Market

£299.00 (Fixed)

    Price : £299.00 (Fixed)
    Type : Jobs
    Date : 5th August 2018
    Condition : Full time
    Warranty : No
    Location : Enfield, UK

    Are you interested in learning how to successfully trade on the Stock Market?

    We sincerely believe that anyone can learn to be an efficient and profitable Trader on the Stock Market…and no fancy suits are required either!

    Our course will teach you how to become a highly skilled and competent trader at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

    Features:A comprehensive look at the F.T.S.E gilts, bonds, unit trusts, share options/futures, reading company reports, market influences, how markets work, nature and types of investment opportunities, understanding investment jargon, gathering and analysing market information, how to buy and sell stocks, shares and other securities.

    There are various opinions as to how you should invest, but there is one thing commonly agreed: The right information is the eternal key to investment success. If you are serious about learning the market fundamentals & technicals then join this course.

    Scheduled Course Dates and Prices –

    Duration: 2 days (weekend)

    Normal Course Price: £300

    Special offer: £250

    Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd September 2018

    Time: 10.30am – 5.30pm (each day)

    Plus 4 live evening seminars

    Plus weekly post course trading position support and review

    August course is already oversubscribed…Book now to avoid disappointment!

    Where: Our Training Centre in Enfield Town

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone who wants the flexibility of working from home.

    Anyone who wants the satisfaction and security of a second income.

    Anyone with a financial goal in mind; perhaps paying off your mortgage early, paying school fees or an around the world trip?

    Anyone who wants to become a full time trader.

    Anyone looking for financial and stock market education to assist their professional career in financial services.