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International Feetball Federation


  • International Feetball Federation
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International Feet Ball Federation:

International Feet Ball Federation is a non-profit organization promoting feet ball championship globally wide spreading with 18 international teams. This federation is providing an opportunity to the young talent all around the world to test their abilities and nurture in a more competitive environment.

Game Rules:

Feet ball is different from football in following ways:

-Feet ball team has 9 players

-It has a smaller playground of the size 70m x 40m

-The term ‘score’ is used instead of the goal in the game

-The pole height is higher with the wooden bar at the lower part of the pole

-If the player hits the wooden bar, 3 scores are awarded to the team

-If the player hits inside the net, 2 scores are awarded to the team

-Total time of the match is 70 minutes

-The colour of the ball is changed from white to yellow after the first half of the match

Fouls of the match:

Following actions are considered as the foul:

-If the player hits the other player

-If ball is thrown using hands

-If the player is blocking the other player

-If the player pushes the other player

IFBF has been arranging several championship tournaments to encourage the youth to come forward. Premier tournaments, Provincials andNationals are premiered every year to provoke the future of the feet ball. It has been in action since 2010 and has arranged successful events with forwarding years. The federation is working on the next world championship.


IFBF has been globally working with its 18 international teams with the main offices located in Spain and Pakistan.

Successful tournaments:

2018 has been a prominent successful year for the career of IFBF. It has arranged and accomplished following events:

-Youth Challenge Cup 2014 (Every year)

-Pakistan National Champions league.2015 (Yearly)

-Sharjah International Cup 2016 (Every Year)

-Asian Championship 2017 (Annual)

-4 Nation Cup 2018 (Every 2 years)

-African Triangular Series 2019(Annual)

The Game of the Future:

IFBF is planning ahead for the 2021 leagues and championships held in Spain, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Canada. It is already in works with online registration for the Game of the Future.

It has been working hard to achieve the goal of being a part of International Olympics Association.

Member Countries: