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Newly discovered great grand son of King Edward IV


  • Newly discovered great grand son of King Edward IV
Price : Free
Type : Lost and Found
Date : 12th February 2019
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States

I recently discovered I am the great grandson of King Edward the 4th paternally and John of Gaunt maternally. I have tried repeatedly to reach out to living relations in the realm to more or less say hi. Recieving no response, except for acknowledgment from a Duke,  I decided to reach out to the musicians of my home country and just say “hi”.  I know they won’t let me down. Musicians are awesome ppl. 

Hi! My name is Bosco. I write music. I’m thrilled to be part of England this way and plan to visit this year. Use the link get to know me. Share your music your stories your hopes and dreams.[included_songs]=1&context_type=page_object&spoid=artist_4149259&pwc[branded]=1

It isn’t every day a guy wakes up and discovers he’s of a royal line. I want to make it huge and I want to utilize it to help people. 

This is my music. It’s free through this ad. Listen, share, repeat and spread peace and love. 

Joe “Bosco” Oliver   Plantagenet