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Private teacher – Piano, Singing, Composition and Guitar lessons, Recording Studio

  • Private teacher – Piano, Singing, Composition and Guitar lessons, Recording Studio
  • Private teacher – Piano, Singing, Composition and Guitar lessons, Recording Studio
  • Private teacher – Piano, Singing, Composition and Guitar lessons, Recording Studio
Type : Jobs
Date : 18th August 2018
Condition : Part time
Warranty : No
Location :West Kensington, London, UK





Piano Lessons in London with Juan Rezzuto at WKMT

All Level and Ages. We welcome piano students from complete beginners to Postgraduate level. We teach at our Studio and we serve all London Areas.

Proper Piano Tuition for all London Areas by Juan Rezzuto at WKMT (West Kensington Music Team)

• Would you like to have access to the most indulgent musical world?

• Would you like to be able to learn surrounded by tradition within an elegant environment?

• Would you like to be immersed in the world of music in an inspiring, almost enchanting way?

• Most importantly, would you like to be taught in a practise managed by real and internationally connected professionals?

You and your progress are our most important concern.

Some facts:

*** YOUR PROGRESS IS OUR MAIN RESPONSIBILITY, particularly our director’s, Juan Rezzuto

We believe a consistent approach to technique is fundamental if we want to develop self-confidence in our students. For that reason we stay in line with the Vicente Scaramuzza piano technique, the most celebrated piano teaching method, used by the current leading international concert pianists (Martha Argerich, Bruno Gelber, Daniel Barenboim…)


Our Music Festivals, Contests and Galas are done PROPERLY and to the highest standards. We are very lucky to have consolidated a team of professionals that is not only qualified but also experienced and knowledgeable. The first thing you should check when choosing your piano teacher is his/her recording portfolio. Our professionals have available high quality recordings uploaded to the internet on a regular basis.

*** Our director is a rounded musician. A REAL ACTIVE COMPOSER and CONCERT PIANIST

Juan Rezzuto is an experienced professional with thousands of hours of teaching at all levels from beginners to Master degree training. You can very easily find out about his recording portfolio as a soloist, performing recitals and piano concertos in the UK and abroad.


We will work hard to understand exactly the style of music you want to approach and the best way to do it. Realising the way in which you understand music is paramount when designing the best study plan; one tailored to succeed!

WKMT is the most professional and elegant option in London for people who wants to get a full immersion into a world that is about music, inspiration and pleasure. Music is a gift of the most elevated kind and at WKMT we are prepared to introduce you to it properly.

We have started five years ago as a small studio and at the moment we have 170 happy students coming Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm. Our achievement is due to being 100% committed with your success and your comfort. Our BOOKING SYSTEM is FULLY FLEXIBLE, meaning that you can choose from any available slot through the entire week and weekend without the need to commit to a set time and day from week to week if it’s beyond your possibilities. Our customer service team knows about your availability and progress and we will always offer full support and dedication to help you finding any possible opportunity to come and get close to music. YOU AND/OR YOUR CHILD are invited to join our musical house, come and start enjoying music as you never did before!




Our approach to singing is through Speech Therapy itself. We certainly believe that a solid voice development should come together with a reasonable understanding of the apparatus involved in the production of sound.

We work as a team together with our associate teachers Aaron Leonards and Roberta Defrancia for jazz, blues and pop vocal training.

The repertoire we work on can range from the traditionally called Classical music (Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Renaissance, Contemporary) to Jazz and Blues.

Some training at the piano will be provided as part of the home developing exercises. In case the students don’t have an instrument at home, mp3 recordings with the suitable exercises will be provided to serve as a guide for proper intonation.

The pieces/songs will be chosen from a selection of works arranged to fulfil each student preferences and technical skills.

Motivation is our main concern and to warranty it never decays our work will focus on:

​•Pieces we get in loved with

•Working on the expressive side of the pieces

•Adapting our body language to every dramatic circumstances

Lets start together this wonderful journey to the full understanding and developing of the most omnipresent instrument of the Music History: THE VOICE


We are a well-established team of professional musicians committed to instrument tutoring.

We teach:

*Music Theory lessons

*Piano lessons

*Guitar lessons

*Violin Lessons

*Singing lessons / vocal coaching

*Composition lessons

*Music Technology lessons

*Music Production lessons

We cover all styles and our main concern is to help you achieve your goals. All the plans are tailored to fulfil your expectations.

We prepare students from beginners to Masters level.

We deliver professional teaching at the best rates of the market.