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Sanatizing Home cleaning system

£2,995.00 (Negotiable)

  • Sanatizing Home cleaning system
Price : £2,995.00 (Negotiable)
Type : Buy
Date : 12th July 2020
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location :Bedfordshire, UK

Home cleaning System.

5 systems,which build into 1 main system using a motor(power plant)

Breif Description

Homecare cleaning system(compressor,handheld,upright,

shampooer,carpet cleaner).comes with various units,builtup of 4-5 systems,which are simple to adapt and change.Abs

Bag with filter.Suction 9-12inches in depth.cleans gutters and leaves,with an air inflator,poloshes a car interiour

and polisher.For hardfloors(pollishhes)aswell as carpets.Cleans clothes and curtains and sofas.Designed by james kirby

and has been manufactured for over 100 years since 1914.The vest cleaning system in the world.Distributed to over 90

countries worldwide selling 75,000 a month.You can recieve a free carpet clean in return of a demonstraion and the

chance to win a £1000 in a free lottery.Kirby company will accept your existing vacume as a deposit and a 10 year

payment plan.Lasts for 30-50 years with a life time warranty and an excellent payment plan that suits you.

check it out at

interested-give us a call (free carpet clean and demonstration).

Payment plan A & B(or your own personalised Plan) (youtube link) (youtube company link)



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