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SERVICES Property & Maintenance Property Consultants


Type : Jobs
Date : 17th August 2018
Condition : Part time
Warranty : No
Location : Cardiff, Saint Mellons, UK

COSY HOMES, the premiere property solutions company.

There are plenty of dark clouds on the horizon; Brexit, Section 24, 3 year minimum tenancy contracts, Article 4 applied HMO constrictions, and more. New bullets to dodge every week.

The government is clearly out to get the landlord and make life a misery.

Before you abandon all hope and throw in the towel, give us a call. Perhaps we can help you out before it hits the fan. If it has hit the fan, perhaps we can help with the clean-up. At least we should be able to make throwing in the towel a little easier. We have numerous strategies & plans to help out landlords, so that the government, life, tenants and taxes don’t get you down.

Would you like a holiday from being a landlord, until the dust settles with Brexit and Section 24 ?

Thinking of retiring before all the changes take too big a slice of your cake ?

Talk to us sooner rather than later, we have an umbrella just right for the storm you’re facing.

COSY HOMES, providing landlords with a way out when they need it. 



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